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Experience the Ultimate You ...

Albina Fabiani runs residential retreats in Abruzzo, Italy and Cape Town, South Africa that focus on mind and body health, peace of mind and happiness, and harnessing the power of your mind to create the body and life you want.

Benefit your Body, Mind and Soul

For the body you can benefit from a juice fasting detox or cleansing diet, yoga, chi-gong, massage, reflexology, and more, (depending on the retreat location). For the mind you can let go of emotional issues with Albina's Mind Detox Method and other proven approaches including the DNA Rejuvenation Method. And for the soul you can enjoy more peace and happiness using the enjoyable Quantum Techniques taught.

"The most powerful one week experience of your life. During this Incredible week, Albina takes you on journey of self-discovery allowing you to uncover the hidden patterns that stop you from reaching your Rejuvenation Potential. Learn more about yourself than most people will in a life time. Discover your true identity and more importantly, develop the mental tools and physical strategies on how to follow it with excitement. Never again think of your self as unworthy, and start living the life you were born to live... "
- S. J., Los Angeles, California

You are More Beautiful than You Think Workshops are held twice a year - Spend a Week Transforming your Body, Mind and Spirit at this all inclusive Experience ...

Limited to 12 people, these retreats will target your specific concerns, and provide a safe environment to spark vitality and transformation and supplement a total lifestyle improvement...
Comments from Retreat Participants

"I have gained the knowledge and tools to be present and love every minute, to deal with challenges and to really enjoy life."

"What an exhilarating experience – a complete spring clean of the body and mind."

"Thank you so much for my new tanned, healthier, slimmer body, and for my peaceful mind."

"I feel amazing. From wanting to end my life a few weeks ago, to discovering joy, freedom and peace... that's quite a result!"

"Even if you don't have "issues", you will come away from this week a changed person and only for the better."

"For the very first time in my whole life… I know I am perfect!"

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